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Passau to Budapest - Danube Waltz

Passau To Budapest - Danube Waltz

Cruise to enchanting destinations

Soak up soothing steam at a Budapest thermal bath. Learn to waltz at a Viennese dance school. Savor Austro-Hungarian cuisine in Vienna and Budapest. Admire the Wachau Valley’s beauty. Explore lesser-known Central European cities like Bratislava and Passau. Witness daily monastic life on an exclusive visit to Göttweig Abbey. This eight-day itinerary reveals the best of these places while cruising leisurely through spectacular scenery.


Day by Day

To learn more about each port of call and our included as well as optional excursions, click on the individual days below.

  1. Passau, Germany - Admire the patrician houses in the Old Town and see Passau’s ornately decorated cathedral.
  2. Passau, Germany - Savor a taste of Bavaria and sample a selection of local cheeses, hams and sausages.
  3. Linz, Austria - Stroll the cultural center; see the Old Quarter’s Hauptplatz, Market Hall and Mozarthaus.
  4. Krems, Austria - Visit Göttweig Abbey, admiring its ceiling frescoes, grand staircase, library and church.
  5. Vienna, Austria - Admire Vienna’s architecture, linger at a café or visit the Hapsburgs’ Schönbrunn Palace.
  6. Bratislava, Slovakia - Discover a city rich in history; view Hapsburg-era palaces and the stately Bratislava Castle.
  7. Budapest, Hungary - Explore Buda’s Castle District and modern Pest, and sample delicious local food.
  8. Budapest, Hungary - Cross the Chain Bridge, browse a museum or visit a thermal spa in the “Paris of the East.”

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